Saturday, September 28, 2019

America’s Mergence of Personal and Public Realms in Arendt’s The Human Condition

United Human Integration in Arendt's Personal and Public Areas The United States is a superpower and is undoubtedly the most dominant country in the world. But emphasizing this advantage is some of the problems that American society faces. Among these problems, Hannah Arendt called the fusion of individuals and the public domain as the rise of society. This major problem has created many other problems and is therefore chosen as the root cause of suffering in modern American society. In 1958's work The situation of mankind, Arendt defined the public sphere according to intense struggle. There are two important concepts related to the definition of her public domain: visibility and humanity. First of all, for Arendt, the public domain is the space where people can appear. As long as they are restricted to private areas, people become helpless, but private areas are dominated by intimacy. But once people become public, they gain reality and strength without saying anything, otherwise t hey can not understand (Arendt, 1998, p. 50). Protest at Tiananmen Square explains this point. Protestors took advantage of the fact that many international TV crews happened to participate in Mikhail Gorbachev's visit record. For Arendt, the lack of an overall definition of the private sector compared to the nature of the public domain. She wrote, public, First, you can see and hear everything publicly visible for us - appearance - look at others with others From seeing yourself - from the reality you have seen and heard even the most intimate life force leads to uncertain and dark existence, but she continues to say that she can change the richness of private life I am. In order to overcome such a situation, appearance of the public according to their body type. She pointed out that the means to achieve this change is art. If colonies become self-sufficient, Arendtian's prerequisites for entering the public domain are satisfied. Arendt discussed two major areas - public domain an d private sector - (Arendt, human condition). The private sector is an essential item, with labor usually falling with families. If colonies are self-sufficient, it means that they must take care of the necessity, and it is necessary to consider the labor of each colony member who will be used for colonial maintenance or scientific research We will guarantee. Of course, it is the individual's responsibility to satisfy familiar needs. However, once the private realm is realized, people can enter the public domain and participate in politics.

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